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Your online coaching business shouldn't drain the life out of you.

We help you help more people, make more money and get your dang time back so you can live your life & make an impact!


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We're obsessed with one thing, and one thing only...

Increasing your revenue, your client's experience, and making sure that you have a stunning, easy to run online business that makes growth EASY.

You're in good hands with a team that has over 30 years combined digital marketing experience and over 10 years of experience on the Kajabi platform.

We deliver stunning website designs, seamless platform migrations (say "goodbye" to a million and one logins), and offer custom strategies to help you scale... FINALLY!

We're Cora-Lynn and Chantal. Our focus has always and will always be on you.
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"Working with Chantal was like putting rocketfuel on my tiny flame of a business."

When we started working together, I was still trying to find my footing in the online space. I had had my first $20K launch, but I was still really struggling to find my niche and make a name for myself. After hiring Chantal, she helped me build out my website with Kajabi, rebrand my business, and execute my first 70K launch. She was integral in making all of those moving pieces work together. 

Immediately after that launch, we went into another launch of a program I had launched a year before and made $8K, and she turned that into a $47K launch. 

Chantal's knowledge, skills, and ability to turn anything into gold generated over 100K in revenue in less than 6 months. She also helped me step into my power as a CEO and find my voice and audience in this business.."

Jess O'Connell, Launch Coach

She gave me the time freedom I needed to focus on leading my community...

"Cora-Lynn seamlessly built us an entire new platform full of the most gorgeous graphics and web design and lead the project the entire way. In a short amount of time she was able to build an entire rebrand for our company and create an easy transition in relaunching our new brand.

...Cora-Lynn was able to produce incredible systems for our launches that documented our entire step by step process. She gave me the time freedom I needed to focus on leading my community and put systems in place that allowed automation during our launch process. She also took many of our digital products and turned them into passive revenue streams for us that allowed us financial freedom during our 2019 calendar year.

I cannot recommend her more."

Lauren Eliz Love, The Business Babe

I literally couldn't think of a better person to hire...

I hired Cora-Lynn to migrate my ENTIRE business over to Kajabi: sales pages, courses, website, email funnels - all of it.

Not only did she make it a super simple project but she would help educate me on the new platform so I felt empowered to run my own business and make adjustments!

Her graphic design work is exception- and I am super picky about design, but I love my website and all my sales pages.

We also worked together on setting up the entire back end automation for my evergreen funnels.

Cora-Lynn is a G, and I literally couldn't think of a better person to hire if you want to migrate to Kajabi, or setup systems in your business to scale.10/10 recommend!!!

Paige Cole, Business Coach

Not only is she incredibly tech savvy but she has amazing energy and intuition.

"Chantal has been been absolutely incredible and has gone above and beyond with doing the full migration of our website, email marketing, landing pages and 4 courses to Kajabi! 

It was such a huge piece of work and because of that I had put it off for ages.  With streamlining everything I already feel more confident in achieving our big goals for this year. 

Thank you so much for your support.  I highly recommend. Chantal. Not only is she incredibly tech savvy but she has amazing energy and intuition. "

Vanessa Hallick, Business & Intuitive Coach

Scaling your business past your first few clients is easier than you think. 


And the knowledge you’ve gained to date in your business journey is enough to truly scale. 


Design My Business to Scale