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A woman-led business school offering a bespoke, high-touch mentorship experience for content creators, coaches & course creators.

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A high-touch woman-led business school offering a bespoke mentorship experience for content creators, coaches & course creators.

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The Skills You Will Master As You Grow Your Revenue

Mindset & Energetics

Content Creation and Marketing 

Digital Product Creation & Development

Sales Funnels and Techniques

Analytics and Business Insights

Tech & Automations

Website & Page Development 





You have a vision. 

Now let's make it reality!

It's time to become the business leader your clients deserve.

Together we'll map out your vision and create a custom strategy to position your business as the best in your industry

 Not only will you help more people, but you'll make way more money too.
Build a profitable online business that's designed to scale.

Hey, are you ready to go from online business newbie to confident, multiple six-figure CEO?

Here's how it's going to happen.

You're unique. Your business strategy should be too.

The challenge is most online business coaches & programs teach you the mentor's way of growing a business. But here’s the thing... There is no one size fits all approach to online business. But you know that already right?

You’re unique & you deserve to uncover the unique strategy that will only work for you! We work with you to clarify your vision & develop a simple, easy-to-execute strategy to get you there in as little time & with as little resistance as possible. 

How would it feel to be profitable from day one?

Most online business programs teach you what to do & why you should be doing it & then encourage you to outsource someone to execute the work. This leaves you investing a lot of money into your business before you ever get paid.

That’s not our style. We share the what, the why & the how (with templates that convert) so that you can get paid to build your business. We then help you hire your dream team to support you when you’re wildly profitable. 

Say goodbye to keeping up with the trends . We do that for you.

You've been overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the marketing trends and changes, right? You don't have to do this anymore.  We study the market, test out new features and bring you what we learn in real-time so that you’re always doing what’s right, right now, to see growth and success.

Buh-bye, hunting for trending audios & being flustered when Instagram rolls out a new feature or updates the algorithm… again. 

Do you ever wish you had someone to bounce ideas off & tell you what's best?

Most online business programs give you 3-6 months of support to learn & implement what they’re teaching. But here’s the thing. You’re going to be in business for the rest of your life & we don’t believe you should have to invest in new programs to get the results you desire.

You’ll have two half-a-million dollar course creators & business strategists in your pocket from $0 to $50K+ months, regardless of how much time it takes you to get there. 

Learn How to Make Money No Matter What Life Throws At You

Most online business programs teach you only the skills that the business owner knows & that work at that moment. We don’t operate that way. We empower you with the marketing, sales, mindset  & product development skills you need to create money from any idea.

That way, if anything happens that requires you to start from zero, you have the skills you need to get to work & create an income online quickly. It’s an education that keeps giving for the rest of your life. 

We actually give a shit 

Have you ever invested in an online program and felt unseen, unheard, and lost among the sea of students? You’re not alone & we aim to solve this. We take our time to get to know you and your unique vision first and foremost. We then provide daily opportunities for accountability & support so that you get the time & attention you deserve as you grow your business.

Your voice & your success matter here. 

Doing the same thing won’t make a difference & I believe you landed here, at this moment, for a reason!

If what you’ve been doing to monetize your online business hasn’t been working…

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Meet Your Team.

10+ Years of Experience Working With Coaches & Creators.

Cora-Lynn Hazelwood 

4/6 Generator in Human Design

Bachelor of Technology in Digital Media Management 

Post Graduate Degrees in Social Media Management & Public Relations

5 Years of Corporate + Startup Marketing & Social Media Experience 

3 Years of Website & Graphic Design Development Experience  

5 Years Working with Coaching, Consultants & Course Creators, helping them scale to 80K+ launches

Over $550K generated since January 2021

Chantal Gatien

1/3 Generator in Human Design

Business Management Diploma 

5 Years of Website Development Experience  

5 Years Working with Coaching, Consultants & Course Creators, helping them scale to 100K+ launches  

Over 400K generated in 18 months

We're a results driven community

go ahead & see for yourself

Generated Over 100K in Less Than 6 Months 

When we started working together, I was still trying to find my footing in the online space. I had had my first $20K launch, but I was still really struggling to find my niche and make a name for myself. After hiring Chantal, she helped me build out my website with Kajabi, rebrand my business, and execute my first 70K launch. She was integral in making all of those moving pieces work together. 

Immediately after that launch, we went into another launch of a program I had launched a year before and made $8K, and she turned that into a $47K launch. 

Chantal's knowledge, skills, and ability to turn anything into gold generated over 100K in revenue in less than 6 months. She also helped me step into my power as a CEO and find my voice and audience in this business.."


Turned our digital products into passive revenue streams for financial freedom

"Cora-Lynn seamlessly built us an entire new platform full of the most gorgeous graphics and web design and lead the project the entire way. In a short amount of time she was able to build an entire rebrand for our company and create an easy transition in relaunching our new brand.

...Cora-Lynn was able to produce incredible systems for our launches that documented our entire step by step process. She gave me the time freedom I needed to focus on leading my community and put systems in place that allowed automation during our launch process. She also took many of our digital products and turned them into passive revenue streams for us that allowed us financial freedom during our 2019 calendar year.
I cannot recommend her more."