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Steal the Instagram Story Prompts that generated $700K in organic course sales

I want you to be able to show up confidently on Instagram Stories to sell your offer & engage with your community. 💰🥰 I want you to know exactly what to say to drive sales and connection. 

So, I'm giving you my 300 Instagram Story Prompts for FREE.


We make it easy to create & sell your online course organically. 

We understand that starting or scaling an online course can be overwhelming and confusing, and that's why we offer comprehensive courses, coaching, and support that help you overcome any obstacle and achieve your goals. With our guidance, you can gain the confidence and skills you need to turn your ideas into transformational courses and create a business that makes a massive impact & a juicy income. 

Here's how we can help:


Designed to Scale Mastermind

It's working! Money is coming in, and clients are getting results but increasing your income without adding way more hours to your plate feels nearly impossible... Congrats! You've gotten yourself so far & now it's time to simplify, systemize, organize, outsource & learn how to lead your business to its next level. The goal? Getting paid to exist. 



Digital Products, templates & more

You shouldn't be spending hours trying to organize & design your business... So we did it for you. Trust me, with the right tools, anything is freaking possible in your online business. We provide you with high-end, well-designed digital tools to help you beautify, systemize and organize your business for maximum results. 

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The results speak for themselves...

Meags P

CoraLynn breaks down all the technical aspects of your business that generally keep most business owners from moving the needle forward in their business... are you losing your belief in your business AND yourself? You'll find it all again with the guidance inside D2S.

Joining D2S has been the most valuable investment I've ever made for my business. 

Jackie VD.

"In the last month, I have made enough money to not only cover my entire investment in this program, but surpass it. And now I feel confident to FINALLY scale my business (without losing my mind!)"

Stephanie D.

Amen!!!! This is the first course that is actually giving me the action steps I need to seeeeee REAL progress!! I've gotten more accomplished in two weeks so far than I did in an entire 8-week course previously taken that just left me feeling like "ok wait, what's next? What do I actually DO?" THANK YOUUUUU!

Steph T.

Made an IG post using the story techniques taught and had TWO people respond to my CTA! Now I'm in convos with them and closing the sale in the DMs

Meleah S.

After the coaching call last week, I decided to go all in and more than double my coaching prices. After the very first Instagram post of stepping into this new energy, someone booked a discovery call with me. We met today over zoom to talk about working together and the new price didn't even make her flinch. She is starting with me in January! If you're wondering whether or not you should increase your prices, this is your sign to do it!

Yesss! More, please! Thank youuuu

Designed to Scale Student

I was so excited but nervous to invest in myself again, Bc that's all I feel like I do... even though I am never disappointed and believe that Coralynn is a wizard at what she does.

Anyways... yeah still scared! So I committed to her verbally early on and lastttt minute I joined Bc I recognized my fear was stemmed from "business" and previous "failures" so I convinced myself I needed to hire people to do it for me, Bc "I'm not good at it". Wellll here I am today, after signing up I signed 3 new 1:1 clients and a million ideas to scale what is it I'm creating. I don't know exactly what that looks like... scared again... but what I do know is that Knowing my backend BS will only make me stronger. #wins

Meet Your Mentors...

Yes, you get not one but two multiple six-figure course creators to support you. 

1 x Bachelor of Technology. 1 x  Business Management Degree. 1 x Post-Grad in Public Relations. 1 x Post-Grad in Social Media Management & over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 

We both worked behind the scenes in multiple six-figure online courses businesses & built six-figure online course businesses before we decided to team up and bring you the skills, mindset & tools you need to grow your business. 

Meet the Fam!

It's time to take your course growth into your own hands

You were given the vision for a reason. Now is the time to move one step, one skill, one client at a time toward the life & business you always envision for yourself. Stop playing small. Starting blowing your dang mind with what you're capable of. 

Lets do this!
Join the Podcast Fam!

Weekly Business Coaching & Strategy

The D2Sell Podcast is the place to be. That's all you need to know. 

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