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A done-with-you experience with two multiple six-figure course creators who continue to simplify what it takes to be successful in the online space

Confidently step into a world where you get to work less, change freaking lives and make bank doing it.

Finally know how to turn your vision into a simple yet powerful online business that generates multiple six figures per year without even feeling like you’re selling.  


… Results like consistently hitting $20K cash months with ONE offer while cutting work hours in half

… Results like hitting your first 30K month without a fancy sales page or funnel 

(psst... if you like seeing results keep scrolling)

Inside Designed to Scale Cora-Lynn and  Chantal will walk you click-by-click through next-level branding and social media, transformational offer creation & their long-term strategies that allow you to do LESS while making MORE money + Impact. 

It’s time to build your confidence in sales, cultivate the skills you need to create wealth & build your business in a way that supports the lifestyle you know you’re made for --- while avoiding the tech scaries. 

It’s time to shift out of imposter syndrome and into"FCK YES I can CHANGE YOUR DANG LIFE" ✨ VIBES so growth becomes simple. 

We know that support is everything. So inside this container you'll get:

  • Mind-blowing, easy to follow trainings & tutorials
  •  2 live support sessions every single week - that’s over 100 calls!
  • Weekly branding, design & content feedback opportunities
  • Quarterly action-takers challenge where you could win a MacBook Air 💻 just for building your business
  • Next-Level mastermind community that wants you to succeed

Your ONE YEAR ALL ACCESS Pass covers EVERYTHING you need to know & do to scale to multiple six-figures including:

  • The D2S Methodology that lets you GET PAID to GROW your business
  •  Next level branding & social media for effortless client attraction 
  •  How to beat imposter syndrome and show up in your power 
  • Creating transformational offers (courses, masterclasses etc)  that change lives while you sleep 
  • Everything you need to SELL SIMPLY
  • & of course you'll master the tech as your business grows in a FUN and SUSTAINABLE way

(psst... all of our templates are done for you too.. you just plug and play)

There's no waiting either, the moment you join you get access to all. the. things.

The Designed to Scale Experience is for the woman who knows what she wants and doesn't need to ask any questions. She feels called to be in the energy of those who are crushing it, so she's owning her power and trusting herself to go all in. 

If you're that woman, we invite you to join us inside the D2S Experience.

2 X VIP UPGRADES AVAILABLE $15,000 DM me to inquire

  • 9 x 1:1 Strategy calls over 3 Months
  • 9 x implementation hours where we do the work for you
Holy 🔥 I AM IN!

Investment Options

Choose between 6 months or 1 year of access and support.

6 Months of Support For $997
One Year Of Support For $1997
One Year Access - 6 X $333

Warning these videos may make you cry &
light a fire under your 🍑.


Investment Options

Choose between 6 months or 1 year of access and support.

6 Months of Support For $997
One Year Of Support For $1997
One Year Access - 6 X $333

Everything You Need to Wake Up To Payment Notifications With New Students In Your Programs... Even if you have a tiny audience! 

Jackie A. 

"In the last month I have made enough money to not only cover my entire investment in this program but surpass it. And now I feel confident to FINALLY scale my business (without losing my mind!) "

Health and Wellness Coach

Marsha V.

I am loving the designed-to-scale program. All of my fears or being intimidated about the tech side of my business kept me from embracing that it is the tools to help me scale. And they're not as scary as I once thought. Cora Lynn has an incredible way of teachable new concepts in bite sized chunks that are easy to implement Definitely a program you want to invest in if you're interested in scaling your business in 2021!

Story Telling Coach

Kelsie B.

I'm so thankful for this container. I was reflecting this morning on the number of courses I had purchased (some even claiming to be everything you need) that would give one piece of strategy and then tell you something like go build a website. I can't tell you how many hours and probably tears were spent trying to figure it all out on my own. Thank you for this. For the guidance. For. the absolutely mind-blowing content tips. For all of it. 

Coach for child-free people pleasers

Vanessa L.

Celebrating hitting 10K in Kajabi as of Sunday! Cora Lynn your course is directly responsible! Celebrating YOU too!

Reiki Master 

Trisha B.

Whoop Whooop! Celebrating hitting 10K on Kajabi! 

Life Coach for Financial Sector

Meleah R.

Just sold another spot this morning! It's only been 10 days into the launch and I only have one spot left! So grateful for you! 

Relationship Coach for Women with past trauma

I'm Ready for Results!

Investment Options

Choose between 6 months or 1 year of access and support.

6 Months of Support For $997
One Year Of Support For $1997
One Year Access - 6 X $333