👋 Say hello to your new business bestie - the organized one.

the Ultimate Content & Business Planning Dashboard 

Because being  disorganized is a waste of your damn time.

Are you ready to get your business shit together?

If you enjoy hunting through your Notes app, getting lost in your Google Docs, spending your money on planners you'll never use & digging for that spreadsheet you updated once, don't buy this.

I'm Ready to Get My 💩 Together
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"Sell it for THOUSANDS! Holy Sh*t! $100 for that is insane!"

Steph W.

"Love this notion dahsboard! I have been using it inside my biz & the template is next level! Thank you so much."

Jessica D.

"I love that it replaces so many tools!... the templates are so easy to use and it really has helped me stay focused!"

Nikki G.

"It allows me to do way more, in way less time!"

Vanessa S.


Will Cause Extremely Organized CEO Vibes  

& give you your time back Finally, a business dashboard that does it all. 

  • Document your brand strategy & brand elements all in one place.
  • Track cash in, sales & your monthly reoccurring revenue (because knowing your numbers is the key to a profitable business)
  • Develop, plan & track your content creation from idea to graphics to published (no matter how many platforms you have).
  • Turn your product ideas into reality with the Sold Out Offer Creator template.
  • Get clear on your daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly to-do's and track what you've completed. 

No, it won't wash your hair for you or cook you breakfast...

But it will create time for you, give you immense clarity, make running your business easy AF & get you creating content that sells like a Taylor Swift album drop at Midnight (800k album purchases & counting 👀).

Just Give It to Me Already

This Dashboard is For You If…

  • You want to have everything you need to run your business in one place
  • You're sick and tired of paying for apps that don't do it all
  • You want a template that's ready to go
  • You want to customizable dashboard that's for your unique business
     If you said F YEAH to any of these... you need this Notion Business Dashboard.  It's quite literally a game changer for your business!

Don't worry, we did all the organizing for you.

It's the Marie Kondo Method for Your Business... 

Guaranteed to spark joy & revenue 


Get F*cking Organized

Your time is valuable, and we're here to help you make the best of it:

  • Track your business hours 
  • Manage your daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly get-to-do's solo or with a team
  • Keep track of passwords/logins, important links, Canva templates & more

You’ll never wonder "what should I do with my time" again. Every time you log in to work, you'll know exactly what to do and where to find what you're looking for.


Create & Develop Content that Sells 

Creating content with no plan is like driving to a new destination with no map. You'll likely get lost and never reach your destination (sales!!):

  • Develop a content strategy that's unique to you including content themes, platforms and posting schedule
  • Track your content creation from idea to published with the workflow view 
  • Get an overview of your content schedule in the calendar view
  • Get access to ten content formats & scripts that are guaranteed to drive sales
  • Never run out of hook or CTA ideas again because we gave you 30+ to play with

This won't just help you actually post content, but it will also teach you how to write content that makes your people feel so seen, heard & understood that they can't wait to work with you.


Get Up Close & Personal with your Data

If you can't tell me how much cash you made last month, what you expect to make next month, or how many people your content reached... you need this:

  • Track your monthly cash collected & sales data all in one place
  • See how much money you have coming in this month & every month for the rest of the year with our Monthly Reoccuring Revenue Tracker 
  • Track your monthly social media analytics to see if your social funnel is working (we'll help you set this up don't worry)

Not only will you KNOW your numbers, but you'll become OBSESSED with looking at and making decisions from this data. Pssst - The key more sales is probably sitting in your numbers right now so let's look at it shall we?


Idea to Launched in No Time

How many product or course ideas have died a slow painful death in your journal because you didn't know "how" to market them? Yeah, that ends here:

  • Track all of your course and product ideas in one place 
  • Plan and view all product launches in the calendar view 
  • Develop your marketing copy & messaging with our fillable offer marketing template 
  • Create a plan of how you'll deliver your product to your community 
  • Track expected sales and actual revenue collected 
  • Plan your product content and curriculum all in one place 

You'll never wonder "who's my ideal client" or "how am I going to market this thing?" again. Now all of your ideas get to create cash for your business & results for your clients without overwhelming you. 


Brand Boards Are Dead

No one is buying your stuff because of your logo or cursive font choice. Your brand needs to stand out and we know exactly how to do that:

  • View and save all of your brand assets in one place for easy access & easy sharing 
  • Get clear on the things that really matter... how you want your people to feel  
  • Discover your unique brand identifiers that make you stand out from everyone else  

Personal brand? More like the foundation for a brand that can grow to $100K months without paying for yet another logo and color palette you'll never follow anyways.


the Ultimate Content & Business Planning Dashboard 

One Time Payment


  • Content Dashboard
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Launch/Product Dashboard
  • Brand Assets Dashboard
  • Time Management Dashboard
  • Fully Customizable Template
  • Video Training To Get You Started

Due to the type of product this is, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

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