Instagram Story Sales Bank

Do you ever feel like you don't know what to say or do on Instagram Stories?! 

Everyone and their mother is telling you that stories are the BEST place to sell but you just can't seem to figure them out? 

We got you. 

The Instagram Story Bank not only provides you with over 300+ prompts & scripts to drive engagement and sales through Instagram Stories but also breaks down WHY we created each of the prompts for your business. 

The Instagram Story Bank is broken down into 4 types of prompts and scripts: 

  • Attraction - To bring brand new eyeballs into your stories from other people's communities 
  • Engagement - To start conversations with your followers and start turning your audience into a powerful community 
  • Leads - To bring those hot leads to the front of your inbox so you can have heartfelt sales conversations 
  • Sales - To ensure you can sell your offers without feeling sleazy or annoying AF


++ It's all packaged in a beautiful Notion dashboard that allows you to plan your posts on a calendar, mark them as done or shared & prep any notes/talking points you might need. 

This Instagram Story Bank is full of the 300+ prompts, scripts, and strategies we've used to drive over $600K in organic sales from Instagram. 

*Due to the instant-access nature of this product, there are no refunds.

💥Our members are LOVING it!

Absolutely love Notion! I have been using it inside my biz already but that template is next level thank you so much. 🙏

Tegan B

The Notion Template is the very best thing I have in my business! I was already pretty organized, but this takes it up a notch because my program content is in the same spot as my marketing content, as opposed to in different Google Drive folders. And I love that I can customize it to my heart's extent... I've added a page for my podcast, with a table for me to plan my podcast episodes and my pre-launch/teasing content. I've even added a separate section for my Designed to Scale to do list so I can keep track!

Nicole C

I love that it REPLACES so many tools! I appreciate all the templates and how they help me stay focused when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all that I could be doing.

Mary L

LOVE IT!! I've added + customized a lot. Its very easy to use + I love the templates they have + what you guys created. The analytics, the organization - I've used it as a place to keep track of my stats + things like emails + social content in relation to my recent workshop so I created a system for next time, in real time. Otherwise it would have been all over my computer + phone or I wouldn't have grabbed the stats. Complete game changer. Coupled with the recent trainings in D2S, it's taken the mental load of building my business + simplified it. As you guys set it up so present AND forward thinking, I can literally see how my business grows into the 6 + 7-figure business I want.

Steph T

$47.00 USD