Business Dashboard

The complete NOTION business dashboard.

...because being unorganized in your business is costing you time and money!!

Over 10+ dashboards all in one place!

Here's a glimpse of what you'll get to stay organized AF:

  • Business overview dashboard - A snapshot of what's going on in your business
  • Strategy & Planning Dashboard - Big goals need a big vision but also a way to track your progress.  Stay on top of what's going on in your business AND your life.  Dream big, friend!
  • Marketing Hub Dashboard - Everything you need in one place to create epic marketing in your business: content calendar, email planner, scripts, outbound marketing tracker
  • Products & offers dashboard - Keep track of your offers, nail your messaging and track your launches so you know what's working and what's not.  
  • Sales Tracker Dashboard - track cash in, sales & your monthly reoccurring revenue (because knowing your numbers is the key to a profitable business)
  • Sales Funnel Tracker - keep your leads & conversations organized
  • Marketing Analytics Dashboard - live up-to-date snapshot with some amazing charts to help you see how all your socials are stacking up... all in one place (drooling over these graphs tbh)
  • Content Dashboard - Develop, plan & track your content creation from idea to graphics to published (no matter how many platforms you have).
  • ....AND SO MUCH MORE!!!


💥Our members are LOVING it!

LOVE IT!! I've added + customized a lot. Its very easy to use + I love the templates they have + what you guys created. The analytics, the organization - I've used it as a place to keep track of my stats + things like emails + social content in relation to my recent workshop so I created a system for next time, in real time. Otherwise it would have been all over my computer + phone or I wouldn't have grabbed the stats. Complete game changer. Coupled with the recent trainings in D2S, it's taken the mental load of building my business + simplified it. As you guys set it up so present AND forward thinking, I can literally see how my business grows into the 6 + 7-figure business I want.

Steph T

I love that it REPLACES so many tools! I appreciate all the templates and how they help me stay focused when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all that I could be doing.

Mary L

The Notion Template is the very best thing I have in my business! I was already pretty organized, but this takes it up a notch because my program content is in the same spot as my marketing content, as opposed to in different Google Drive folders. And I love that I can customize it to my heart's extent... I've added a page for my podcast, with a table for me to plan my podcast episodes and my pre-launch/teasing content. I've even added a separate section for my Designed to Scale to do list so I can keep track!

Nicole C

Absolutely love Notion! I have been using it inside my biz already but that template is next level thank you so much. 🙏

Tegan B

$49.00 USD