Everything you need to see, hear & do to use Instagram like a pro & generate more revenue from your content!

So you’ve just started your online business & you LOVE instagram but:

😩 You’re overwhelmed with all the new features they come out with
😩 You’re not sure on the difference between feed, reels, stories & lives
😩  It takes you SO LONG just to do one thing in the app
& instead of generating new leads & revenue in your business it’s become a point of frustration & exhaustion.

We feel you & we’re here to help.

We’re Cora-Lynn & Chantal and we’ve been using Instagram to market online business for over 10 years combined. Cora-Lynn was actually in charge of the Instagram accounts for Tabasco, Dole Foods & so many more in her corporate days!

So why Instagram?

Well, it’s an incredible place to meet like minded people but from a business perspective… (which we always bring)

🤯 90% of all Instagram users follow a business
🤯83% of all users discover new products & services on Instagram
🤯 65% of users are on instagram everyday for a minimum of ONE HOUR

Pair those hot facts with the realization that it’s the 2nd most used social platform in the world & you’ve got yourself a steaming hot pot of clients just WAITING for you show up and show them how you can help them.

We’ve used Instagram as the ONLY marketing platform in our businesses for over 5 years and have generated over half a million dollars from the platform - so we know what we’re talking about.


It’s got less of the “frills” and more of the things that actually matter. We won’t be telling you to “show up every day” so that you can stay relevant but we will train you to use Instagram as the marketing tools is was designed to be.

Think of this course like the mixing the perfect drink ( can I mix a Manhattan for anyone?!) -

  • 1 Part tutorials to show you how it works
  • 1 part explanation of how to use each tool to grow your business
  • 1 part strategy to create a bigger impact - & the confidence you need to make it your own.

We’re detail oriented people which is why we leave NOTHING OUT:

1. Instagram 101
2. Everything You need to now about the FEED
3. Everything You Need to Know about Posting on the FEED
4. Everything you need to know about STORIES
5. Everything you need to know about going LIVE
6. Everything you need to know about Instagram VIDEO

&& Of course we always throw in some bonus goodies…
1. Everything you need to know about REELs
2. Everything you need to know about DMs (direct messaging)
3. Everything you need to do to optimize your profile so it actually CONVERTS! (We’re talking highlights and more!

This course is usually $297 but honestly Instagram comes so naturally to us that we want you to experience the juicy business boost right along with us!

You can join today for just $97 which is WILD but we’re for a good time!

Hurry! While you’re sitting around wondering if this is right for you - Aunt Nancy just posted her first reel of herself knitting and it may or may not have gone viral!

$97.00 USD

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