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The time has finally arrived in your business where you're ready to create a POWERFUL online PRESENCE for your business with your very own DREAMY website (wtg babe!) πŸ₯³

But every time you sit down to bring your website to life...

... You get immediately frustrated with the tech 😩
... You get discouraged because it looks NOTHING like your Pinterest board **womp womp**
... You KNOW your person but when it comes to writing copy.. NOTHING or worse ... You overthink EVERYTHING
&& as a result you never hit "publish" on your site or worse --- you hit publish but you secretly wish no one ever visits it 😳 **yikes**
Set your worry hat aside && make space for building your website to be the EASIEST most FUN thing you've ever done!
Even if you've never built one before!

Website in a day takes the guesswork & the tech work out of website design so that you can focus on the things that truly matter...

like serving your clients & building up those passive revenue streams!

** Paypal pings out of no where?! Yes, freaking, please! **

Website in a day is perfect for you if...

You want a website that looks professional AF
You want a website that is designed to CONVERT & keep your people engaged!
You desire a website thats EASY AF to install & even easier to make your own!
You want to understand WHAT makes a website great
You want to feel deeply SUPPORTED by your website so you can live your dang life
You want to have FUN & feel a sense of EASE while building your website!
You're using KAJABI to run your online business!
Website in a day is where DROOL WORTHY design meets CASH PRODUCING strategy so not only are you OBSESSED with your website --- but you TRUST it guide your people through your services!

When you join you'll get instant access to:

  • Our LUXE Kajabi Templates for your Home, About, Services & Contact Page
  • Strategically created website copy templates that convert & are fun to make your own
  • Click-by-Click tutorials for easy installation and customization
  • Mindset Sauna Video- Shift everything you thought you knew about building your website
  • SUPPORTED Video - The energy of allowing your website to support you

What others have to say about WEBSITE IN A DAY -

OMG your landing page templates give me life. One of my multi-passions is graphic design but web pages were hard for me because they don't "do what I want." Yet, the templates give me beautiful layouts and I can use my design skills to plug in my own graphics or even see how they were made to duplicate sections for other pages and create my own. I'm no longer frustrated spending hours trying to center pics or text. I can just grab a template and see my vision come to life in those same few hours. I don't know how I survived without them before β€οΈ
The Kajabi template landing pages have made it so easy and straightforward to create. Instead of getting stuck on complicated design, the landing pages make it easy to add your own pictures, graphics and text while having having an aesthetically pleasing framework to create with! I love them and can’t imagine creating without them! πŸ™Œ

$249.00 USD

Want your branding & presence to stay consistent from your website all the way through your sales funnel?

The Sales Funnel Bundle is Website in a Day’s BFF and they go together like PB&J! πŸ₯œ

Everything your website needs to create MORE leads and even MORE sales!

Get instant access to

  • Our LUXE Kajabi Templates for your Long & Short Sales, opt-in, thank you & social links pages.
  • Strategically created sales copy templates that convert & are fun to make your own
  • Click-by-Click tutorials for easy installation and customization 


"I had no design experience, and I created 2 landing pages in an hour. πŸ˜¬

An hour!

What made it so quick is once you create your images you just drop them where the template tells you to. And it looks so good and professional"

Rosaura Thun


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