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 Collapse the time needed to build your website, sales pages, opt-ins, and highly profitable offers so you can help more people. 

We master the tech side of running an online business while learning how to turn our gifts into highly profitable offers that deliver results in less time while making more money.


Marsha was running her business on Kajabi for years but was missing the systems in her business.


Christina has built an online Pilates studio in just 2 months!

Designed to scale was the most important decision I made more of my business this year. In the last two months I have built an online pilates studio. It has so much incredible content in it. There are people in it & they're using it! But the process of getting here has been really transformative for me. I have gained clarity in my messaging, in how I can help people, I have gained confidence - nothing feels better than being able to step into your business and just make stuff happen. It's incredible, it's a good feeling! I have completely up-leveled the quality of service I'm giving to my clients and so easily with almost no extra effort.The clarity + the competence + the upleveling of quality & foundationally really believing in what I am creating. This has come from working with Cora-Lynn and Chantal directly. They in the most loving way want you to succeed, they want your business to do better & they know what they're talking about. 

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"In the last month I have made enough money to not only cover my entire investment in this program, but surpass it. And now I feel confident to FINALLY scale my business (without losing my mind!) "

Jackie Aarssen Vanderlinden

"Iā€™m so happy I committed to this and committed to myself and my business! I already know I made the right decision x 1000!"

Karly Whitaker

"The best!! Love this! Best investment ever!"

Kelly J Thorne

"My first person has paid in full for my program! "

Trisha Blohm

"Reason #7768569497 why this program ROCKS! Thank you Cora-Lynn Hazelwood I created two offers, checkout pages for our upcoming book launch on Monday and it literally took me 20 mins! Grateful AF!"

Marsha Vanwynsberghe

"Iā€™m loving the vault- I found the CTA very helpful- Iā€™m addicted!"

Vicki Kligermem


Brands We've Worked With

"Cora-Lynn is a master at creating a powerful brand and bringing it to life online. She has a natural talent for creating seamless systems for online businesses and helping them grow quickly and easily."

Faith Mariah, Blogging Breakthroughs

Let me guess, when you first started your online business...

You dreamed of having a drool-worthy brand that basically sold itself? You know, one of the brands that end up on other people's "Brand Inspo" Pinterest boards.

You imagine swimming in a sea of testimonials, results, and thank yous from your client for changing their life?

You imagined yourself sitting at the beach drinking margs while watching paypal pings roll in from your passive revenue streams?

You got excited about receiving the endlessly present sound of delicious Paypal and Stripe payment pings everyone keeps talking about? 

But lately, it feels a little more like....

Telling your friends and family your website's not done because... well, let's be honest, it sucks. And you aren't making enough $$ to hire a professional designer ($5000+)...

Kinda knowing who you help, what you stand for and the transformation you provide but struggling to articulate or get consistent clients?

Those juicy Paypal pings are more like inconsistent little e-transfers and you're so over it. You're ready to learn the strategies and tools that will help you scale...


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"Working with Chantal was like putting rocketfuel on my tiny flame of a business. When we started working together, I was still trying to find my footing in the online space. I had had my first $20K launch, but I was still really struggling to find my niche and make a name for myself. After hiring Chantal, she helped me build out my website with Kajabi, rebrand my business, and execute my first 70K launch. She was integral in making all of those moving pieces work together. 

Immediately after that launch, we went into another launch of a program I had launched a year before and made $8K, and she turned that into a $47K launch. 

Chantal's knowledge, skills, and ability to turn anything into gold generated over 100K in revenue in less than 6 months. She also helped me step into my power as a CEO and find my voice and audience in this business.."

Jess O'Connell, Launch Coach


There's a Faster Way to Time Freedom!

Go from overwhelmed with the tech to confidently building sales pages, systems, and offers that consistently generate revenue and results.

If you're serious about this whole building an online business thing 

You'll need to understand all of the moving pieces that go into building a successful business.

Lucky for you we've spent nearly 10 years of our lives working behind the scenes of some of the biggest online coaching businesses learning the hard way so you don't have to. When you enroll today you will:

šŸŽØ  Curate your scalable business vision & design a brand palette, logo, and images that match your vision. 

āš™ļø Build the time-saving technology that works behind the scenes so that you can create time freedom in your life and while still delivering results to your clients (good news: this part is going to be easy)!

šŸ”„ Learn the A-S-S [Automated Scaling Solution] System to create offers that your clients can't wait to pay for bringing in that consistent cha-changing you've been longing for.

šŸ‘©‍šŸ’»  Learn how to easily build a simple yet stunning website that has your clients competing to work with you. Oh, and did I mention that your website already has all the components to scale built-in? That's just how we roll, baby. 

Building an empire takes a village & we're committed to getting you results. That's why...

You'll have TWO seasoned marketing & design veterans in your back pocket FOREVER.

2 Tech & Strategy Support Calls Each Week

We have a rule here - if it stops you for more than 10 minutes - get on a call. Screensharing always welcomed, no question is too small.

Master That Mind Of Yours

We come together as a community on Wednesdays to talk about everything and anything mindset to support you on your business journey.

Our Eyes On Your Work.

No more guessing if what you're creating is going to work.  Get real feedback on everything you create before going live.

Plus you'll receive templates, tips, tutorials, checklists and more to save you time.


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"Cora-Lynn seamlessly built us an entire new platform full of the most gorgeous graphics and web design and lead the project the entire way. In a short amount of time she was able to build an entire rebrand for our company and create an easy transition in relaunching our new brand.

...Cora-Lynn was able to produce incredible systems for our launches that documented our entire step by step process. She gave me the time freedom I needed to focus on leading my community and put systems in place that allowed automation during our launch process. She also took many of our digital products and turned them into passive revenue streams for us that allowed us financial freedom during our 2019 calendar year.

I cannot recommend her more."

Lauren Eliz Love, The Business Babe

Hey, I'm Cora- Lynn

Wondering why in the world you should listen to & trust me to guide you through this important process of building the foundation of your business?

In the last 4 years I quit my 9-5 job as a Social Media Strategist for brands including Dole Foods, Kodiak Boots, Tabasco, Sheiseido beauty to name a few… to help more people create wealth and freedom.

Since then, I’ve been designing websites and implementing the strategies that have helped course creators, coaches, and personal brands scale & gain time freedom in their businesses while doubling their impact

Listen, I’m talking about taking coaches from 5% to 55%, month over month, in automated revenue from courses and funnels.

In the last 11 months, I’ve built 43+ websites, 18 course funnels, launched a monthly membership with hundreds of members (in just 2.5 months), and generated $117K for my agency.

I'm a spicy combo of self-taught and classically training...

  • Bachelors Degree in Graphic Communications (using digital media to convey messaging)
  • Post Grad in Public Relations (Managing your brand appearance and organizing events (did someone say launch mode?!))
  • Over 7+ years of Digital Media experience for agencies, non-profits and startups in Toronto, Canada


Hey, I'm Chantal Gatien

Wondering why in the heck I'm here and how I can teach you the skills you need to scale your business?

I've been working behind the scenes with coaches and course creators for the last 5+ years.

During that time I've helped generate MILLIONS of dollars in revenue behind the scenes - between 6 figure+ launches or putting together some killer funnels.

Everyone dreams of making money while they sleep and this is what I've helped my clients do over the years.

In the last year I've built a full-stack digital marketing agency that is in high-demand.

Don't worry, this didn't happen by chance...

  • I have background education in Business & Marketing
  • I've trained with the best in the industry
  • And I don't ever stop until I'm satisfied with my clients results

"Chantal has been been absolutely incredible and has gone above and beyond with doing the full migration of our website, email marketing, landing pages and 4 courses to Kajabi!  It was such a huge piece of work and because of that I had put it off for ages.  With streamlining everything I already feel more confident in achieving our big goals for this year.  Thank you so much for your support.  I highly recommend. Chantal.  Not only is she incredibly tech savvy but she has amazing energy and intuition. "

Vanessa Hallick, Business & Intuitive Coach


We only want those who are READY and WILLING to LEARN + put in the work to join us.

"But Ladies, do I really have to learn how do it myself? Can't I hire you?!"

Yes... and No. 

If you truly believe that you understand how your website, branding, sales pages, emails, and offers connect together to make you $$$$ each month,  then, and only then, can feel free to hire us (custom sites start at $8000 USD). 

But if that's not the case, you need to stay right here.


Um, well, have you been living in 2021?

You have to know how to PIVOT in your business, which means knowing how to act quickly when an idea strikes to maximize revenue - if you're hung up on the tech or messaging side of things... you have a serious problem.

You've made the decision to run a business, which means you're craving a life where you call the shots as the independent bad ass you are...

Do you really want to message your website designer and pay $500+ every time you want to tweak something on your website (ouch, that one hurts just thinking about)...

... aaand the most obvious and important reason... NO ONE knows your business, experiences,  clients, skills, and offers like you

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What's Included: šŸ¤©

Step 1: Go from Inconsistent Branding to a Strong Brand Identity.


  • Strategy Training:
    • Reshaping Everything you thought you know about building a brand
  • Resources:
    • Simple, Sophisticated logo creation
    • Brand Board Template
  • Tutorials:
    • + 6 Tutorials to create your logo & brand board
  • + Brand & Logo Audit by the D2S Team

Step 2: From Business Idea (Product, Course, 1:1) to Profitable Transformation Offer


  • Strategy Training:
    • Understanding the 4 elements of your scalable business
    • Resources:
    • How to choose, buy and set up your unique domain
  • Tutorials:
    • 10 Tutorials to correctly set up your new Kajabi account (saves you time)
    • Payment Integrations so you can take payments with ease

Step 3: From Overwhelmed with the How, to Stupid Simple Funnel Creation

  • Strategy Training:
    • How to help more people in less time with powerful group offers
    • Understanding the 4 various business models and how to sell them
    • Mapping out your Million Dollar Program
  • Resources:
    • How to turn your journey into your program
    • Understanding who you're selling to
  • Outcomes:
    • Crystal clear knowledge of who you're helping
    • Your unique client transformation program for 1-1 or group coaching (ASS)

Step 4: No Launch Strategy to Sold Out Offers

  • Strategy Training:
    • High-level overview of the ASS  (Automated Scaling Solution) process for highly profitable offer creation
    • Understanding landing pages and Funnels that Scale (++ How they work!)
  • Tutorials:
    • How to create one-time payment, subscription, and Payment Plans
    • How to make your checkout your personal VA
    • Bump Offers and OTO's for increased profits
    • How to build powerful course portals
    • How to make more money in your course portals
    • Click & Publish Sales Pages

Step 5: Becoming the Confident Leader of Your Program

  • Strategy Training:
    • Three Landing pages that you'll need to grow your business
    • Understanding Opt-in & Funnels
    • How to create content that sells your ASS
  • Tutorials:
    • Simple Opt-in creation to grow your list
    • Setting up webinars & events
  • Resources:
    • Opt-in Page Templates to Grow Your Email List
    • Event Opt-in Templates
    • Custom Thank You Page Templates
    • Lead Generation Tracking Spreadsheet

Step 6: Turning Your Program Evergreen 

  • Strategy Training:
    • Understanding the power of email marketing
    • Metrics that Matter
  • Tutorials:
    • How to import lists from your other service providers
    • Setting up Forms that do the work for you
  • Resources:
    • Email Marketing Newsletter Ideas
    • Welcome Email Series Script
    • Upsell Email Series
    • Open Cart & Close cart email series scripts

Step 7: From All the Things to Generating Wealth on Auto-Pilot

  • Strategy Training:
    • Creating a powerful system that doesn't require you to be "on" 24/7
    • Mastering Sales conversations
    • Raising your prices and never launching again
  • Tutorials:
    • How to record and edit your course videos
    • Creating a highly engaged community
  • Resources:
    • Sales tracker to keep you motivated
    • Content that drives engagement in your group
    • Sales Script to close high ticket

Step 8: Building a Drool Worthy Website for Your Clients šŸ–„

  • Strategy Training:
    • Understanding how Websites are built
    • The secret behind high converting websites
  • Tutorials:
    • How to install your Website Templates
    • How to update your website templates
    • How to Include Instagram on your website
    • Updating you Menu's, Blog, Login page and more
  • Resources:
    • Home Page Template
    • About Page Template
    • Contact us Page Template
    • Services Page Template

Is this all the information you've been missing to scale?!


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This program will save you time & money...

Your two most important resources as a business owner. 

If You Decide To Do It Yourself or Hire

šŸ˜Ÿ Countless hours & stress spent trying to build your website on yet another platform without ever launching

OR WORSE paying $$ each month for a website you hate and no one sees. 

šŸ‘€ Over $500 per month stitching together all the pieces you need to build a business (Convertkit, Squarespace, Wordpress, Teachable, etc)

ā° COUNTLESS hours spent looking for tutorials, trainings, and the right tools to help you scale. 

šŸ¤¢ Constantly in Launch mode but never finding consistent revenue from your efforts

šŸ˜° $10,000+ for basic website design that won't do squat for you as you grow. 

COUNTLESS HOURS + $16000 minimum annual investment in the tech


VS Investing In YOURSELF & YOUR BUSINESS with Designed to Scale

āš”ļø Follow my fool-proof, step-by-step tutorials to build a stunning website that converts in just an hour a week.

āš”ļø Feel confident using your new all-in-one platform to build opt-ins, sales pages, and course portals that up-level your client's experience in your business.

āš”ļø Launch your program from an empowered space knowing that you can provide a powerful transformation for your clients

āš”ļø Create quick launch offers and monetize your business and know just where to look for step-by-step help if you get stuck.

šŸ¤­ $2000 for over 16 hours of trainings and lifetime support with two trained Website Designers and Business Strategists.  


Save over $11K Annually + Endless hours of your time!

Book a free strategy session

What other business owners are saying about D2S...



I hired Cora-Lynn to migrate my ENTIRE business over to Kajabi: sales pages, courses, website, email funnels - all of it.Not only did she make it a super simple project but she would help educate me on the new platform so I felt empowered to run my own business and make adjustments! Her graphic design work is exception- and I am super picky about design, but I love my website and all my sales pages.We also worked together on setting up the entire back end automation for my evergreen funnels.Cora-Lynn is a G, and I literally couldn't think of a better person to hire if you want to migrate to Kajabi, or setup systems in your business to scale.10/10 recommend!!!

Paige Cole, Business Coach

Amanda went from rookie entrepreneur to a confident online business owner. 

"Where do I begin! When I was first referred to Cora-Lynn, I didn't know a single thing about website design and marketing strategy.

I explained my vision for my website to Cora-Lynn.

She was incredibly invested, patient, and thorough for what I had in mind (keep in mind... I was a new entrepreneur at the time, and probably word vomited all of my thoughts to her).

She took everything I had had envisioned and transformed it into an online masterpiece.

I have had SO many compliments for my website and I always give all of the recognition to her.

Cora-Lynn is truly the best at what she does.

I learned so much from her as well, as she provides explanation videos for you to build confidence in running your website and business.

Thank you Cora-Lynn, from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have done it without you!"

- Amanda Smith, Coach Mandy YYC

Vanessa gained the skills + confidence needed to be in control of her website.

"Working with Cora-Lynn on my website was a DREAM- literally! She's so knowledgable and knows all the right questions to ask to get to the heart of what you visually want to convey to your audience...

She didn't just make my website, she connected with me and who I am online.

She was patient with my questions and walked me through all the ways I could update my site on my own. 

She gave me the confidence I needed to be in control of my site...which was one of the most important things I was looking for!

I can't wait to be in her energy again and learn all the systems in my business so I can confidently make empowered decisions. 

If you're thinking about working with her, DO IT! She has already changed my business, and I mean to keep her as a staple in my orbit!"

- Vanessa Love, Intuitive Energy Practitioner 

Tanya recommends Cora-Lynn to every business owner that she knows.


Emily can't recommend Cora-Lynn enough for her skills and strategy.


Continue wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own --- or pair your unique gifts with our extensive knowledge to sky-rocket your business & your client's results. 

Everything you need the tech, the templates, the knowledge & support to lead your business to better --- forever. 

I'm so confident in this program and the results you will see and feel in the way you run your online business after this program that I guarantee your investment for 30 days. If you get inside, take action, and don't love what you see - we'll give you your money back. Not many programs do that. Like, I said I know it works --- because I've seen it. 


Save 15%


  • 9 Strategy Focused Zoom Calls
  • 32+ Step By Step Tutorials 
  • Access to Cora-Lynn with 16 open co-working hours 
  • Weekly homework assignments to ensure the knowledge sticks
  • Slack channel for accountability and support as you need it 
  • Lifetime access to all content 
  • BONUS: The Backward Method of Selling Digital Offers 
  • BONUS: High Converting One Page Website Copy Scripts 
  • BONUS: Welcome Email Sequences that Nurture & Connect Copy Scripts 
  • BONUS: Brand Board Canva Template 
  • Bonus: Canva Tutorial



3 Easy Payments

$850 /m

Top features

  • 9 Strategy Focused Zoom Calls
  • 32+ Step By Step Tutorials 
  • Access to Cora-Lynn with 16 open co-working hours 
  • Weekly homework assignments to ensure the knowledge sticks
  • Slack channel for accountability and support as you need it 
  • Lifetime access to all content 
  • BONUS: The Backward Method of Selling Digital Offers 
  • BONUS: High Converting One Page Website Copy Scripts 
  • BONUS: Welcome Email Sequences that Nurture & Connect Copy Scripts 
  • BONUS: Brand Board Canva Template 
  • Bonus: Canva Tutorial

Interested in learning how to set your business up to scale? 

Book a free strategy session with my team.

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