It Takes a Team

We're the Cora-Lynn & Chantal 

We're on a mission to ensure every human with a vision has the tech, marketing & product development skills they need to turn their ideas into a profitable, purposeful & passive online business.

Five years into my corporate digital media career anxiety struck...

I walked out of the womb driven, ambitious, and determined to make a difference. I knew the moment Myspace came into the world that I would use social media to bring people together & yes, make the world a better place. 

I got a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications in 2013 before completing two postgraduate degrees one in Public Relations, and the other in Social Media Management. 

Despite landing what I thought was my dream job, after losing my father to Cancer in 2015 I found myself seeing the world & my career differently. I became obsessed with personal development & realized on a sunny Toronto afternoon that I was using my skills to help the wrong people. 

You see, while I was sitting in a board room helping massive corporations make more millions using social media, I wanted to help the heart-driven business owners who genuinely wanted to make a difference. Three weeks later I had my first anxiety attack while driving home & I quit 3 months later. 

For 4 years I worked behind the scenes in multiple six and seven figure coaching businesses helping them scale. In that time I generated over $300K in revenue for myself and over $5 million in revenue for my clients. 

I left that behind in 2020 to turn my online skills into a course that would empower business owners everywhere to absolutely LOVE the tech, marketing & sales side of their business. Today Designed to Sell is a 4 person team that's helped generate over 8 million in revenue for our community. 


Tech, Marketing & Sales Skills Never Go Out of Style

One of the reasons I have been able to create success so quickly is that I have always known how to market myself, how to sell & how to bring any idea to life online. 

& while I absolutely loved building the businesses of others, I was discouraged at how many business owners did not know how to turn their ideas into income. They would spend their savings on my services to bring their ideas to life & while we made them money, they were reliant on me and my timelines to get their work into the world. 

Client after client came to me telling me how they paid thousands for their website, a sales funnel, email marketing, etc and while some of it worked they had spent way more than they made. 

This pissed me off. 

Why in a time where technology is easier than ever, where information is more available than ever were so many heart-centered business owners struggling to get their ideas off the ground?

That's when Designed to Scale (our signature Mastermind) was born & Designed to Sell (our brand) was created. 

The best part of our day is seeing our community use the tools we teach & the templates we've created to create their ripple effect & change their lives with their income. 

You should know...

  1. I could not do this without my incredible business partner Chantal. She's the peanut butter to my jelly, built her own multiple six figure agency in 2 years and has been coaching for over 10. 
  2. Automation is my jam. If there's a task you hate doing, your computer can likely do it for you & we're all for using technology to give us back our time freedom.
  3. Chantal and I are both Generators in Human Design & we're all about motivating and inspiring you to do the things that will move the needle forward.
  4. Graphic & website design is my first true love. I'm obsessed with making sure that the ideas you bring to live look as good they do in your mind when you create them on the internet.
  5. Chantal loves a good inappropriate joke and is the actual queen of creating hilarious tech, marketing and sales analogies that you will never forget

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