Momentum Launch System

It’s powerful. It’s simple & it will change the way you think about launching for good.

🥳 Training One

How we leverage behavioural psychology to launch without feeling like you're launching & to sell without your people feeling like you're selling.  And we mean this in the least sleazy way possible.  No gimmicks, just a beautiful understanding of how to bring people along the whole process with you.

🥳 Training Two 

A high-level overview of the process. We will plan out the crucial elements of your launch, and show you how you can get started AS SOON as you're done this training.  No crazy to-do lists before you can "launch".

🥳 Training Three

A detailed walkthrough of the system in action for two launches we did last year. One resulted in $5K in sales on a $222 product. The other resulted in over 70 students joining an 8-week course.

🥳 Q&A Session

Get access to the replay of some powerful questions asked throughout the Live version of this event.

🔥 Bonus #1

Launch Meditation.  Tap into your most successful, fun & exciting launch with our pre-recorded meditation.,

🔥 Bonus #2

Digital Launch Planner.  Say bye-bye to the crazy to-do list and stay focused and on track with our customizable digital launch planner.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much guys! This was super helpful. I feel like I'm so much more clear on how I want to launch going forward


$333.00 USD

🔥Add-on 365 days of inspiration straight to your phone each morning.  Get a mix of powerful leadership questions, affirmations & content prompts for one full year!