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ps. if you can't take 2 minutes to read this. You're not in the right place.

To the coaches, creators & consultants who want it all but refuse to do more work to get it...


Welcome home.


The Designed to Sell Community works smarter, not harder.


Here intention + action = results.


A world where we f*ckin love strategy because it saves us time, helps us impact more people, and generates a shit ton of cash.


A world where we know that this industry is so new there are no rules.


There are our desires. There are our plans & the action we take on those plans, nothing else. A world where there is no right or wrong.

A world where money doesn’t give a f*ck how you feel or what you think about it; it flows regardless.


A world where we allow tech, systems & automation to support our clients while we travel, soak in the bathtub or do whatever the f*ck we want to do.

A world where time does not equal money because courses & group experiences make up most of our profits.


A world where our impact is impossible to measure.

A world where you become the CEO that only YOU were born to be.



There is nothing cookie-cutter about you or this high-touch business experience.

You’ll quickly realize that this isn’t a course or a group coaching program; it’s an intentionally built experience designed to teach you the skills you need to scale your business into multiple six figures and beyond, regardless of where you’re starting. (around here, being “new” is not a limit; it’s a blessing. )


You’ll have 1:1 support for the first month.


During this time, we will get clear on your vision, get you organized for success & set you up with an easy-to-execute strategy that gets you there over time. ($5000 value)


You have access to over four hours of coaching every week.

Plus, the opportunity to have any content you write reviewed by our team, + daily support for any questions that pop up along the way…. for LIFE.


This program isn’t for anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. 


This is for the coaches, creators, and consultants who know they’re made for more & who want to work smarter to make it a reality.


You’ll become a master in Marketing, Messaging, Content Creation, Product Development, Sales & Analytics so you can lead a team into your first 7 figure year when the timing is perfect.


If you're feeling LIT AF right now, complete the application below.

& no, waiting until the New Year isn't wise. We're coming into the biggest sales season of the year. Stack your tree full of gifts from you to you this year.