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Give Your Business (& Your Confidence😘) the BOOST you've been craving!

Learn how to turn your ideas into $10K, $20K & $30K months without the overwhelm! 

Step into a world where one idea changes everything for your online business. Join an epic community of entrepreneurs as you learn our three part process to turn any idea into a highly sellable online offer!

(you know, the ones where people are begging for the checkout link πŸ€‘)

πŸ₯³ WARNING: Our community is obsessed with breakthroughs and sales so be prepared to be inspired! 

You’re one idea away from selling out your offer!

Here’s the truth...

There are two types of online offers in the world: 

  1. The shitty offers we’ve all excitedly invested in and have been sorely disappointed -- womp womp
  2. Life changing offers that blow our minds & transform our lives

My guess is you've invested in both of these courses & offers in the past. In fact, investing in offer #1 is why we became OBSESSED with courses, webinars, coaching and group programs!

Poor experiences aside let me ask you this... 

Which type of offer do you want to create for your community? πŸ§

If you said #2, then you're in the right place. 

Around here we are OBSESSED with bringing that cash money into your business but more importantly changing lives in the process.

Why? Simple. When you give even just one client an incredible experience inside your offer - they become a raving fan that grows your business for you… for life. 

Your business grows even when you’re not working… and that’s the definition of sexy.

It starts with understanding how to create offers that STAND OUT,  SELL OUT & SERVE.

Woah! This is what I'm needing!
πŸŽ‰ I want results like this! πŸŽ‰

Together we'll master the Three S’s of Powerful Offers that sell out & serve. πŸ”₯

Day One: Stand Out & Connect 

You need to stand out in this online space. Standing out means that you are positioning yourself as DIFFERENT from the world around you. Together we will leverage your UNIQUE story to drive a DEEP connection with your community. 

Day Two: Sell Out & Transform 

Around here we don't just sell offers, we give our community the opportunity to TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE. When you focus on sharing the transformation with your community --- you'll SELL OUT without ever feeling like you're selling. 

Day Three: Serve & Scale

I know what you're thinking - but HOW?!?! We're going to who you how you can serve MORE people with your offer and SCAL your business simply with our quick and dirty tech set up so you can get back to doing what you love --- being of service & transforming lives. 

++  Go from feeling like an imposter to giving zero fcks and confidently sharing your goods with the world


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Work with not one but...

Heyya I’m Cora-Lynn Hazelwood, founder of D2Sell, multiple six-figure course creator and Tech / marketing wiz kid. I generated over $350K in 11 months with ONE online course & only 100 daily story views on the gram. I’ll be leading you through most of our trainings together along with my incredible business partner Chantal Gatien. 

Chantal? I don’t know what to say aside from — that girl can turn a pile of πŸ’© into a drool-worthy online offer people can’t wait to buy. 

We’ve been building 6/7 figure coaching business on the internet for over 5 years and we know what’s required (and what’s not) to create offers that sell out & serve your people. 

We won’t just teach you how to market yourself so people are begging for your offers, We’ll become your new best friends in the process… 

CL is your design, mindset & marketing savvy bestie πŸ’… & β€¨

CG tells it like it is & is always thinking about your bottom line πŸ€‘

We've helped grow 7-figure coaching businesses and now we're helping you for just $7 🀯

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The Dirty Details...

When is the event?
This incredibly powerful event is prerecorded so you can watch on your own time but trust me when I say --- you're going to watch binge-watch all 3 powerful hours of content!

I'm a _____ is this for me?
If you’re a coach, course creator, healer, educator, corporate escapee, who’s mission is to change lives and make a shit load of money doing it then yes! This is for you! 

What is an offer?
An offer is a course, webinar, group coaching program, digital download, freebie, and any digital non-physical products you plan to sell online. 

Is this helpful if I already have an online course or offer?
Yes! If your business is already making $$ or you've launched offers in the past with no bites --- this is the place for you to be. 


Step into a world where one idea changes everything for your online business.

We’re talking a mind-blowing community-driven experience that leaves you lit up & ready to sell not just one idea - but all of them.

πŸ₯³ Plus, we like a good party and giving back — so you could win some incredible prizes.