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From Food Stamps to $30K Months


Vanessa J Love is a beautiful Mystic and Mama who turned her incredible gift into a thriving business.  She had the download when putting her daughter to bed one night and knew she had to share it with the world.  Vanessa went from not understanding a single thing about tech and feeling overwhelmed to literally taking control of her business and CRUSHING her first $30K month effortlessly.

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Replaced her Full-Time Income of 13 Years in Less Than ONE Year.


Sue Rue is truly the RE invention queen!  She went from being a Registered Massage Therapist of 13 years to fully replacing her full-time income (and then some) online in less than a year!

This multi-passionate woman started a podcast, got creative during COVID and guided people heal themselves from the comfort of their own home.  Her biggest passion is creating a space for other amazing humans to take the action needed to bring their vision to life!

She walks the walk and talks the talk!

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