For those wanting to use social media to grow their digital product business:

Are You Ready to Get Discovered & Create Demand?

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YES! I’m Ready to be Discovered & in Demand!

This page is going to give you all the deets on exactly what’s waiting for you when you say “YES” & to making more money, helping more people & doing it via social in less time! 

The algorithm-proof content system that allows you to post less & make more.

Turn your social media channels into high-impact, cash-producing assets that consistently bring you fresh leads & opportunities.


Create high-converting content that works on all social channels & even email marketing so you can sell more digital products with less effort (even if you have a teeny tiny audience)!


 Discover the four types of content today's most profitable business owners create to stand out from the crowd, connect with their community & claw back their time from the never-ending social media hamster wheel.


 And how to turn one piece of content into 6+ pieces of content to further increase your reach!

…all while genuinely enjoying the process of creating content & never touching Canva!

Discovered & in Demand isn’t just some “Steal Our Templates” course teaching you all about the latest trends…


It’s a wildly unique system for creating social content.

Designed to take the guesswork out of creating content while giving you the freedom to express yourself & not feel boxed in or salesy.

Who Discovered & In Demand is REALLY for:

For Digital Product Creators who understand the need for a consistent flow of organic traffic to their offers through the power of Social Media:

Doing all the things with no results... 

If you're spending your precious time creating content but you're not seeing growth or sales, this is for you. 

Engagement & growth but sales are hard to come by...

If your account is growing, your engagement is popping but your sales are no where to be found, this is for you. 

In creation paralysis or overthinking... 

If your mind is swirling with all the how-to questions & it's preventing you from taking action then this is for you.

You want to repurpose your content but how?!

If your content is working on one platform but you feel like you need or want to be everywhere with less effort this is for you.

Here’s what makes Discovered & In Demand so Unique AND Effective:


11 easy to digest modules  will have you feeling FREE when it comes to creating content while giving you the certainty that it's going to work. 


Our signature Discovered & In Demand Content Bank creates 360 posts in under an hour! Plus, it's intentionally designed to position you as the go-to person in your niche!


The "fck Canva" Design System teaches you to design stunning graphics inside the Instagram app, saving you time while building brand awareness!


The Confetti Content Copy Writing Method teaches you how to write content (either for IG or your email list) that builds your community, positions you as the authority & drives sales without being sleazy.


Our famous Notion Content Planning Dashboard which includes a built-in content calendar, caption scripts, headlines, & call-to-actions that stop the scroll immediately.


Our 10x the Reach Repurpose Workflow expands your reach on multiple platforms (think youtube, TikTok, email, etc.) in under 20 minutes per week.


The No More Guessing Data training so you never have to guess if it's "working" ever again. You'll what to talk more about, what to ditch and you'll be working smarter, not harder for more results. 

"I went from 200 followers when I started implementing to over 900 in 1.5 months, I had a video go viral on TikTok (1.M views) had 7 sales and my first 1:1 coaching client. On a brand new account."

Rosaura, Student of D&D

"I posted twice in February - $6K... 100% not necessary to hustle and grind."

Steph, Student of D&D

"Woke up to a mama who wants to work with me... Omg I'm so excited right now!"

Brittany, Student of D&D

Let’s get to the juicy details... 

Check out everything waiting for you inside…

Module 1

Unf*ck Your Content Beliefs 🤯

The way that we think about our content impacts the way that our content performs.

No more posting and praying. No more “I hate the algorithm”. Step into your “My content is fire. My content drives sales. The algo is obsessed with me" era. 

Module 2

People over profits = + PROFITS!!!💰

Business has always been about people & no one likes feeling like a number 🤢.

You won’t be collecting “followers” after this module, you’ll be having genuine convos with real HUMAN BEINGS & your people will feel seen, heard, understood & like they matter… because they fcking do.

Module 3

Notion Content Planning Dashboard💻

Meet your new content creation BFF, the spicy one.

This dashboard has everything you need create powerful content that converts, but will also help you keep it organized. Buy bye Notes app & random post it notes.

Module 4

The Community to Cash Cycle ♻️

Creating content that converts isn’t magic - it’s a system.

After this module, you’ll understand the cycle that every new community member goes through from discovery to satisfied client & how to leverage different content types to move people through the process. Sexy, I know.

Module 5

No Niche, Niche Formula 🎯

The old way of “Niching” is outdated & archaic. Their age or coffee order is none of your business…

This module will allow you to attract dream clients by speaking to their EXPERIENCES, not their forking lifestyle. Say bye-bye to restrictions and hello to talking to your people like you’re living inside their heads.


Module 6

Four Posts to Sell & Serve 💖

Say FU to the hamster wheel & hello to four proven posts that move people through the buying cycle.

You can’t do it wrong, you’re not going to get it right the first time, but your content will get better and better with every piece of content that you create.

Module 7

How to write High Cash Content ✍️

We will introduce you to our Confetti Content Writing Method that will jazz up any and all content you write from now on.

You’ll tap into your unique self-expression and layer in our proven method to make your content stands the f*ck out! 

Module 8

To Plan or Not To Plan?! 😵‍💫

Every business's content needs are different & therefore, every business needs a unique content planning system.

We’ll help you develop a system that works for you while giving you the confidence to shift it when it no longer feels aligned. Dreamy.

Module 9

Creating Content Without Canva 📲

Canva is fun, but it shouldn’t hold you back from reaching your people.

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create your on-brand graphics in a matter of minutes! We’re talking on-brand content on the go, anywhere, at any time, without any additional apps…BRB Drooling.

Module 10

Repurpose Your Content Everywhere 🚀

Be everywhere at all times without spending your whole day on social apps.

No more wondering if you should be over on Tiktok or Youtube… After this module, you’ll know how to repurpose all your amazing content with the click of a button and hit different communities at once ++ You’ll finally understand how all the different algo’s work so you can make them work for you. It’s giving “I’m the boss” energy.

Module 11

Data is Your New Daddy 📊

Wondering if your content is working is so 2020. 

Get ready to become the analyst in your business so that you can make educated content decisions instead of feeling like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall… WOMP WOMP.

It's giving more growth in less time.



What makes Discovered & In Demand so different?

Many other “content” programs out there promise the same results as Discovered & in Demand…

But very few of them leave you feeling CLEAR, EMPOWERED & seeing results from the moment you hit "play" on the first video... 


Here’s the whole truth & nothing but the truth, so help me god...

  • This is a no-rules system that you can make your own. 

  • An algorithm-proof system that will allow you to throw away the hashtag banks and unfollow the trending audio peeps (breathes a sigh of relief)

  • In fact, you’ll completely forget about the algorithm, have people reaching out to work with you & feel proud of the content you’re putting out (even if your family is watching)

  • You’ll know exactly what to do to get your business discovered by new people & precisely what to do to turn them into raving community members who are OBSESSED with everything you do.

    AND you won’t spend longer than 10 minutes on a post ever again.

What the community is saying... 

The Choice Is Yours…

Are you ready to lean into a simple system that keeps you consistent and gets your business  Discovered & In Demand?

I’m So Ready!

Pay in Full

$27 $147

$1497 Value

  • Instant access to 11 digestible video modules! 
  • 3 juicy bonuses.
  • Access to the Notion Content Planning Dashboard to keep you organized AF 
  • The certainty you need to show the f up for those who need you every day 
  • Lifetime access to all content & future updates 

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Build Your Social Funnel

All of your social media accounts are funnels & you need to treat them as such! This training helps you optimize your insta funnel for conversions! 

Bonus #2

Hot AF Social Bio!

Your social media bio's are your first impression. Done right, they drive follows and clicks. Done wrong, they drive your people away. Let's optimize yours! 

Bonus #3

Trusted for Life!

Trust is the cornerstone on sales. This training breaks down how to build trust by making a few small tweaks to the way you speak! 

Meet your new business strategists...

We're Cora-Lynn & Chantal.

We're cheering you on. 

We're a spicy combo of self-taught and classically trained. CL (the redhead) has a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications, plus two post-grads, one in PR and one in Social Media Management & 5+ years of experience in Course-Based Businesses. 

Chantal, the blonde one, has a Business degree & honestly, she's freaking hilarious. People come to us to help them scale their business (social is just one part of the work fam), but they stay for the transparency and the odd inappropriate joke. 

We keep it real. We keep it simple and we keep you moving toward the life you're meant for. 

We've done over $650k in organic sales in 2 years and generated millions for our clients simultaneously. We got you. 

Our money-back guarantee

Try our program for 7 days, risk-free

Here's the thing. This program is AMAZING. It wouldn't be for sale if it wasn't (we don't fly like that) so we give you 7 days. If you watch more than 30% of the program in those 7 days, you will not be eligible (because the first video is game-changing). 

We let the results speak for themselves... 

Frequently Asked Questions

"If you actually implement the teachings inside d&d you will get discovered on social media and your offers will start selling from your content. People will reach out. Your audience is out there, they’re waiting and wanting to buy from you."

 Ashley, Discovered & In Demand Student  
The Choice Is Yours…

Are you ready to lean into a simple system that keeps you consistent and gets your business  Discovered & In Demand?

I’m So Ready!

Pay in Full

$27 $147

$1497 Value

  • Instant access to 11 digestible video modules! 
  • Access to the Notion Content Planning Dashboard to keep you organized AF 
  • The certainty you need to show the f up for those who need you every day 
  • Lifetime access to all content & future updates