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Our Must Have Tech To Scale Your Coaching Business While Protecting Your Profits

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the course creation game for a while - we've got you covered with our favourite tools that make scaling your business a breeze.

We believe less is more, so don't be shocked that millions of tools don't run this multi six figure business.

Our must have tools and technology for a scalable online business

Kajabi All In One Platform

We've been using Kajabi for over 5 years both for our clients & our own business. With the ability to take payment, host courses, send email & host your website - it's ultimate all in one platform. 

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REPURPOSE.IO is the ultimate time saving tool to help you REPURPOSE your content from instagram or tiktok to ALL social media platforms with the click of a button. We use it expand our reach & help get our content into the hands of more people without it taking more time. 



If editing video feels HARD then you need DESCRIPT. It allows you to edit a video like a word document & will cut your editing time in HALF. 

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Wise - Online Currency Conversion

As Canadians billing in USD converting your money, paying contractors etc. through the bank isn't always the most profitable idea. We love WISE for their low transfer fees which helps us keep more money in our pockets. 

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Coaching Contracts & Legal Documents

Finding a lawyer to draw up every contract can be expensive AF but they're super important in your online business. We love Coaches and Co for program contracts, terms and conditions, contract employee agreements & NDAs. Use code CORALYNN50 for a special discount at checkout.

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Social Media Planner & Content Planner

We've tested out multiple content scheduling platforms over the years and we always come back to this one!  Planoly is the easiest to use with multiple platforms with their intuitive posting schedule and multiple views, this platform is a time saver and a great way to keep all your content organized!

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Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod is an AI powered recording device that changed the GAME for us when it comes to creating content that goes all the places. Plus you can pair it directly with Instagram, Tiktok and more! We could not recommend PIVO pod more. 

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